Gaming….Conventions and Expos.

Hi All,

So haven’t posted in a while been totally forgetful of this if I’m honest! I have had so much to do just lately but I will be posting more regularly now everything is sorted.

Today I am going to yammer on about something that has always interested me. This would be the topic of Gaming conventions and things like that. I saw a friend update her status about going to an Anime convention this weekend which I thought was interesting. Most people will go to these things dressed up as a character they like, which in the geek world is called cosplay. So people dress up which to me is a plus, any excuse to dress up and I’m there! I like the idea it is a lot of people from different places coming together and almost uniting over the games they play and what their hobbies are. There are loads going on in the UK, the anime convention that has just passed, BlizzCon (blizzard entertainment: World of warcraft, Diablo, starcraft) and many more. I personally would love to go and see what they are all about.

WoW – Druid.

I was talking about this to Wayne the other day and he wants to go too which is a plus for me because I would love to go and share the experience with him. I would go dressed up and everything…not sure what I would go as though, but I’m sure I could think of something. Maybe something out of final fantasy….anyways… another thing that really interests me about them is the job prospects. Wayne said people make a lot of money over in Japan for doing Cosplay and letting people from the general public pose with them. I was literally like :O you can make money from dressing up as a gaming character…so cool. So this then made me think about my own area of work and how I could use my photography. I love photographing people anyway, so I would like to get a media pass from an organiser of the events and see if I could do some promotional things for the event itself and do some personal photography of people dressed up in cosplay and the convention itself. I would need to get some business cards together and sort myself out in that manner, but you never know who will be around at these things and could land you a job *snap* like that.

You know you hear about scouts going to fashion shows in Birmingham etc to scout potential models? It’s like that. It’s not about what you know it’s who you know and these things are something to be treasured. Who you know gets you everywhere now a days. This is what I want out of my photography and to get myself out there and to build some good contacts. I think it would be really interesting to go to a gaming convention and see what it’s all about.

Has anyone been before and care to share the experience?



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