Does Technology Help With Writing?

This is a reply post to “The Daily Post” @Wordpress. Something i like to add my opinion too if its a good topic normaly.

In some ways i agree that technology can help people write. Word processing tools have many a tip and trick for those who find writing difficult or need a bit more of a creative muse. So in those deals i agree that using technology can help you write. Plus writing is becoming more widely spread upon technological platforms such as mobile phones, ipads, tablets, etc. You can access your writing from pretty much anything now a days due to the massive technological revamp that modern day has taken upon society.

However, from my own experiences it has just made me dumber. For instance….if you are writing a word document and  you make a spelling mistake it is normally corrected for you if it is minute or underlined with a red squiggly line. This  has completely dumbfounded me. I have just recently took up a course in English and i have had to go back to doing GCSE english skills. I am now 20 and i have not been in school concentrating on writing skills for 4 years now. Having the use of a laptop is really handy for me and i am, like most, on it 24/7. I am always doing many a things on my laptop from writing to gaming. Due to the mass social networking on the internet now writing skills are not needed. You can talk like i am writing at the moment or you get the younger generation who are writing in “short hand” which is basically people who like to replace letters with numbers (c00l) or missing out vowels (bbz) and just making up stupid little words to mean huge meanings such as (LOL= laugh out loud). It is something that i feel is pretty discraceful. Anyways, back to my point, doing the english course has really shown me how many of my braincells have gone missing while i have had access to a laptop and the easy documentation when writing. Having Microsoft word is such a good thing for some people and yes i admit it has been dead handy to me. Going back to basic english though has really made me realise that i need to start writing on paper again….with a pen…as bizzare as that sounds.
Can you really remember the days you wrote about your day on a piece of paper like a Diary? or you went through reviewing films on paper? Sending someone a letter in the post rather than via E-mail? The days when your english teacher would read froma  board about verbs, adverbs, pronouns etc and you would have to copy then down word from word? Or even read a textbook and make key points?….

So technology is a god send but also a sin at the same time in my opinion. Truely a mix of battles depending on generation.




2 responses to “Does Technology Help With Writing?

  1. laptops and word processing are the best thing that have come to writing since sliced bread.. (cracked myself up on that one)
    For a former owner of an electric typewriter, a Selectric typewriter, and a computer with 180k of storage, current laptops and computers are the bomb.
    I have attempted to read my scribbles from dream wake-ups and creative lunches. It was not a pretty sight.
    Now, I can self-publish for free, save multiple versions of my book, print copies for my critique groups and correct spelling with a simple right click.
    Of course owning a computer does not a writer make, any more than owning a kick ass hiking shoes makes one a mountaineer.
    The process of writing (endless reviewing and rewriting) remains the same, but discarding the tedious methods of the past are the best things that have happened to this writer, ever.

    • i guess its peoples writing styles that come into the fact of if they like technology and such when writing. I think im just going to prefer to do paper copies of important things.

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