Tattoo Me Beautiful.

So over the past couple of weeks ive really been thinking about getting another tattoo.  I haven’t had one in ages and i already have a few but want more. Tattooing can become addicting depending on what aspect of it you like (if you have a tattoo then you know what im on about). I love each bit of it from the nervs you get before hand, to sitting in the chair feeling the needle penetrate the skin to the final product a few weeks later when it has healed. I think having a tattoo is a beautiful thing. However, i don’t want a tattoo willy nilly. I want one that means something and i will look back on when im old and be proud of….this is why i haven’t got another yet. I know what sort of thing i want but where on my body and when i have the money is another thing.

I thought i would put up somme nice photographs (i have not taken) that would inspire people and just look pretty really.

Do anyone have tattoos or want them? comments would be great.



2 responses to “Tattoo Me Beautiful.

  1. 🙂
    I came to your blog from Dailypost while searching for why people blog as anon….

    I do not have a tattoo, however I know how my friends love theirs. The reason, I perhaps will never get one is because I get bored really easy. I may run back to the tattoo-guy to get it removed with-in a day’s time…..

    I envy people who love their tattooos 🙂

    The Blunt Blog

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