The Travelling Camera.

I have decided to put a few of the photographs i have taken whilest i was at my partents house in Didcot. They aren’t your touristy photographs becuase;

1. Didcot is NOT a tourist attraction. Its small and looks like a farm.

2. The weather was terrible. It rained a lot so i couldn’t get out a lot.

3. Travelling to the nearest place would be OXFORD and thats a good half hour to an hour away and being skint i could not afford it.

So they arent the best tourist type photographs. I took a few in my parents back garden and some on the train on the way back. I took photographs in the backgarden because it is like a jungle out there. It was so complex with grass sprouting from each crevis in the ground, mould and moss growing in the cracks of the pavement, flowers blooming and dying all over the pace. It genuinly looked like a bomb was about to go off, everything cowered and look terrified. It was so interesting to go around and look at. Also my father had put the old fireplace cover out there, which is included in my photographs because i like the old design of it. Who would put a fireplace outside and just leave it there??…..answer to that people is my father. The ones i took on the train are just because they were interesting. The bridge going into liverpool and the sea mainly. It was only by chance i took these shots because i was on the train so it was going pretty quick and rushing to take a photograph is normally not my style. Oh and i had one of them awkward moments where you think someone is watching you  and low and behold the two people sat to the left of me were staring at me. They must have thought i was a nut job just snapping away on the train. I was going to ask if i could take a photograph of them for ironies sake. I didn’t thought.

Anyways, to the point. I have only put a couple up….head over to my flickr to see the rest



Toffee the infamous FAT CAT. ilovehim.

Toffee the infamous FAT CAT. ilovehim.

Bird Clay Sculpture

Bird Clay Sculpture


Fireplace.Liverpool Bridge