En route to liverpool

So today is the day I am finally travelling back to liverpool to go home. I am currently en route as I write this.

Didcot to seaforth is not a short journey, 4 hours in total. It is a mission with three changes along the way stopping at every station in between because I have to get a cross country service train. I got up and found myself excited. There was something in the air today that smelt sweet and new. Maybe its because while I have been with my parent I have finally come to realise what I took for granted and what I need to work on in myself. I woke up in plenty of time to get to didcot station, leaving me enough time to have a quick smoke before I got on the train. This would have been the case if I had left at 10 to 9 this morning. However my headphones decided they wanted to play hide and seek with me, so I was rooting around the couch for 5 minutes,only to find they were in the bottom of the depths that is my handbag. I swear if women werent so messy with handbags men would go missing in them and we would have to fish them out.

Arriving at the station on time finally I rushed into the train and sat down on my way to oxford. The feel of depression arose while I was on the train with all the mundane people who are dreading going to work. You know the ones, who look like a zombie and cannot wait until 5pm at 9am in the morning. I also saw the hungover students that had too much drink the night before and you could practically smell the booze on them. Theres all of them and me this little cheery girl whos so happy she is going back home.

I am currently on the cross country service from oxford to birmingham which is where I have to get off to thus get to liverpool. So getting a cup of tea has just arrived. I love the people that do them little trollies on the train. They just go around with their high pitched posh voices sounding happy when really you know they want you to say no to everything and be as depressed as they are.

So im sat writing this with a tea infront of me and a sophisticated sence of style with me today. I wanted to look nice so I have decided to wear a black skirt, tights, heels, black and cream frilled neck top and black cardi. Anyone would think im someone important but im really not 🙂 haaha. Im also sat on a very ppacked train, its always busy this time in the morning. I have two roudy people to my right and a quite guy reading what looks like a good book next to me. Im in the middle with my headphones on and some mixed rock tunes hoping that the train journey goes quickly so I can stop worrying about when my stop is.
Im very much a panic person on a train. I wont go to sleep incase I miss my stop, I wont read because I get too lost in the book. I like to do something short and sweet so I can keep and eye on where I am. How fucked is that? Hypercondiract much.

The smell of tea is in the air from all around the coach with a small cold winter breeze to compliment it. Im all snug in my seat about to drink my tea and pray that the roudy ugly people next to me dont do anything rash…i may have to kick out the ninja mode.
Im hoping the rest of the journey does me well and I reallly cannot wait until I get home later. I have lots of work to do this weekend. I need to download the rest of red dwarf to watch with wayne and just get my life sorted really. Its one of them weekends where I plan everything. Write down all whats wrong in my life and try to sort them out and take action with things. I have had many of them weekends, however this one is serious and pretty much determines how and who I will be in the future.

Hope you all enjoyed reading 🙂 I will be posting photographs up later tonight from my travels.

Amy xx


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