Shoes i will NEVER have unless i learn to save £

Hey all.

So this post is inspired from the lovely blog by “Life and Laughter” ( Her blog made me think about things i am not very good at! In a positive way! Nothing negative, trust me. I am terrible at saving my money. It is gone before i even get it in my bank account really. When i was at University my student loan went on crap that i didnt need, drinking and smoking. Looking back on things now i wish i had saved it and spent it wisely which i AM going to do when i go to University again in September of next year. This trait i have of spending money like its milk has been something i have done since i was younger. When i started working at 15 years of age i would love PAYDAY, i used to get really excited and go and blow it all on things that i wanted, just because i could. I adopted that attitude whenever i worked and got money.

I am a BIG lover of shoes. I am pretty much like any other girl and is INLOVE with any sort of shoe. Heels are my killer. They are my biggest weakness. Heels are such a confidence booster! They make your legs look 10 times skinnier and takes about 12 pounds off your ass. They just make you feel sexy and you feel powerful in them! I know i do. I love wearing heels, day in and day out. If i had the choice i would sleep in heels. As i have travelled down to the south of the UK and i NEEDED a new pair of day shoes. OK as i love shoes and will buy them whenever i can, this was a shoes SOS moment. I did have heeled boots with straps at the base and studs at the top that came just above my calf, these had holes in and where falling appart. That is how much i wore them and loved them. They were a complete wreck. So when i visited my best friend we went into town to buy some new shoes that would make me look gorgeous. These are the shoes i brought and only £20 (with student discount):

What do you think? Now onto my top 5 most ADORABLE shoes! These are the ones i will NEVER be able to afford unless i kick the spending habbits and SAVE my money to buy them, or i win the lottery (fat chance!)


Leg Avenue – Anna Boots.

These are only around £90 to £100. Now this may not seem expensive but im only used to high street, and lets face it Primark isnt expensive at all. These are the most cherrished things. I LOVE them with a passion. I love the gold detail and the overall style of them. They have them in Brown or Red as well as Navy. The Navy is my favourite.

Jimmy Choo – Euston Boots.

Now Jimmy choo in general is very money costing. These boots are £1195.00! One pair of shoes that will break the bank.However, they are suede and gorgeous! I think they are very classic. Black goes with everything as well so whether your going out at night to a party with friends or just going out to the shops for the day. The best thing about them is you can alter the length of them…want a day where you have a cuff at the top of the boot? just turn the top over and you have a great casual day look.

Chanel – Pumps

Now these shoes are completely to DIE for! A satin and pearl pump with a small heel. GORGEOUS. Chanel has really outdone themselves once again! A classic and timeless piece. I do not know how much these cost in price as they are the Pre-Collection of Fall/Winter 2011/12. ENJOY!,2,1,32


What do you guys think? Worth the money to spend on them?


Comments would be appriciated.





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