Capturing Beauty.

Hey all. I would like to thank all those who have viewed my blog while I have been away and massive love to those reading this post! Thank you! You make me happy!!!!!!

Sorry for the lack of blogging this week, been pretty caught up in things and getting into a new routine which has completely swept me up. So I have travelled to the depths of the south of the UK. A small town called Didcot, surrounded by fields and a huge power station that looms like the DOME in the Simpsons movie. It’s pretty horrid compared to the nice city life in Liverpool. However, it’s a good opportunity to get some photography done! So I am heading out tomorrow to take lots of snapshots to look at and put into a portfolio. I want to take photographs of everything at all times of the day.

What kind of things do you guys like taking photographs of?

I started taking a few snaps on my phone of my cat today too. He is really fat. Like Garfield fat. It’s mad how much he has grown in a year. Last time I went to my parents house with my partner he was smaller and less furry and less fat….now he isn’t. I love how he looks now and it’s dead cute. Mum should put him on a diet though…..she has no babies to look after as me and my sister have moved on with our lives but he isn’t a baby and cannot be fat. I mean, he will get picked on by all the other cats. He is a right softie our Toffee! Ha. Ill have to get a photograph of him tomorrow and wack it up on here to show you all. Hes lush. My cat back at home looks so tiny compared.

Anyway its late and I need sleep. So I hope all of you look tomorrow for more pretty pictures.




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