Overwhelming Emotion

Hey all.

I started my English course at home today. NOT what I thought. Ok granted that I am more likely causing myself more work because I am doing an online course but writing all things down on paper so that I have notes to go over and mistakes that I can see. It’s a pretty good course. It makes me feel a tad stupid because it’s all simple things such as nouns, verbs and the basic English skills you get taught at school. I passed my GSCE English language and literature with a B which at the time I was very happy with. Ecstatic even, like I was a genius of the English ways. However, 4 years on and I’m a complete dumbass. I have to do a level 2 course which is the equivalent to GCSE again. I feel stupid but at least it will help me in getting where I want to be. I have to do all aspects of English from handwriting to spelling and vocabulary. It’s going to be a tedious fight I put up with but I’m going to finish it and sort it out so that I can peruse my dreams. +

So basically this post is what I would like to say as “rule with your heart and not your head”. This would be a total difference in how men and women think.

Males genuinely are more logical (I believe) so they like to think with their brain rather than with their hearts. Women on the other hand are very emotionally driven; I know I am, so they think more with an emotional mind rather than a logical. I know some males will be reading this and thinking “well I can be emotional too” and I’m not disputing that you can’t I’m just giving personal opinion on what I believe to be true. I believe strongly that love will conquer all….some can say this is a stupid ideology. However, when you truly love something or someone and your willing to do anything….does your heart or head take over and start telling you what to do?

Do you ever get to a point in your life where you feel so overwhelmed by emotions that all you want to do of every second in each day is cry your eyes out?
Do you ever want to just sit there and think something through until it’s completely sorted emotionally and logically?

Opinions would be lovely J


2 responses to “Overwhelming Emotion

  1. Saying something like that suggests that men don’t think with there heart. We do, But i personally think the problems down to the fact that we aren’t used to our emotions like women are.
    For example you could decide whether a Decision was from the head or the heart and you might think its from the head, (logical ect) but in truth its from the heart.
    You’ve basically just generalised the whole human race into two catagories of Logic thinkers and not. I say this to you then, how can you explain the Logic women out there ?

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