Empty House.

So today after my partner left for University and his little girl was in Daycare I found myself alone in an empty house with no noise and just the cat for company. The cat however was not good company; 1 because he doesn’t talk and 2 he kept trying to bite me. So it wasn’t the best of starts to the day after everyone had gone. I received a call from my mother this morning which was nice. We had a proper catch up with each other and what is going on in our lives and where we are heading. Mother being the over concerned worried parent she is (even though I am 20 years old and left home) still keeps a check on my eating habits and how I am in general. This I find particularly sweet of her to do because she doesn’t have to. Me and my mother have a close relationship with one another which is something I value beyond belief. Most of the housework has gotten done today which is nice and the house is looking a bit tidier and cleaner J It did take me a while but I enjoyed just being able to clean at my own pace, making lists (because my partner hates lists) and ticking things off after doing them, which in turn, gave me a sense of achievement.

I thought I would take some time to have a look outside and see what I could photograph. While my partner is at University this year I plan to do a lot more photography with the free time that I have available to me and when I am not doing my coursework. I want to make sure that I can get the most out of my camera and my own potential. I want to photograph everything. I plan on going into town and photographing city life, rural areas around where my partner lives and just life in general. I want to make sure I can keep myself busy so that I don’t sit and get upset because I’m alone during the day.

I have finally enrolled onto my online course which I am very much looking forward to. Getting a bit of helpful work done during the day will be nice. Also they only say to put in 2 hours of work a week minimum, however I’m going to have around 6 hours per day so at least 2 a day will be filled. By putting in more time this then means I will finish my course early and get my certificate quicker. I want to get onto the level 3 course and then go on and do business management with the company I have got the course with. After that’s all done and dusted a degree is in order. One that I will actually enjoy. Not one like the Chester University course that I despised and thus bored myself to death with.

So at the moment the prospect of a career is on the horizon and life is looking up.


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