Calling All Fashionistas!

Calling all Fashionistas!


Thanks to ( I have found a really nice piece of information to share with the world. It’s a worldwide event that happens every year and attracts all eyes in the world. Love it or hate it its one of the best times of the year for me…. FASHION WEEKS! That’s right fashionistas get out your Gucci and read this post! Milan fashion week has taken place and I must say the Blugirl collection for spring 2012 is absolutely FABULOUS.


The collection is that of something from a novel you read; detailed in the simplest of ways but to the viewer’s eye looks incredible and beautiful. The collection is very “high class” in style and bold. Blugirl creating the looks this year shows the transition of fashion over the year from the last spring collection. The spring collection 2010 was very dainty. Blugirl 2010 Spring collection The main use of delecate material along with floral prints and patterns showed the wilder side of a woman. There was less shape to the female figure and the spring 2010 collection really brought back a feel of spring and portrayed this in the clothing line. This year, however, they have still taken a small part of spring 2010 but pushed the boundaries and made a more edgy and empowering collection for 2012.


Blugirl 2012 Spring Collection.


The bold colours stand out with angular shapes to make women look powerful and iconic. The collection almost reminds me of a more modern take on 60s fashion. There is a romantic feel to the collection with the different types of textures and patterns used by the designer, appealing to all types of women. The collection looks fresh and innovative, showing women can turn heads with the cutest of tweaks. At Milan Fashion Week 2011 there was a splash of colour and spray of femininity with this collection bringing life and romance to the runway.


I personally am mesmerised by the collection and think it is completely fantastic. Blugirl has really outdone their previous works this year. Very inspirational pieces for Fashionistas all over the world! Ladies get thinking ahead for what you want to do with spring 2012. Please comment.





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