I have the best job in the world…

Diary of a


Dear Diary,

Over the past few days me and Wayne have been sorting out all the blog stuff. Wayne stated a good point that it does take a lot of work to get a blog out there and to get people who will read what you write and actually comment or subscribe. I totally agree with him. Me and Wayne like to promote each other’s blogs and help one another out with readers, views and comments. This is something I really like and it makes me happy that we are doing it together. Wayne is already a writer, he has written parts of novels which I really enjoy reading and he has put some of them up on his blog (http://sn2snsblog.com). The one main difference is mine and Wayne’s writing styles. He is very informative with his writing and his humour comes into it a lot which, being his partner, I love reading because he has a great sense of humour, it’s one of the many reasons I love him. We started blogging around the same time when Wayne wanted to write things for people to read on the internet. One of the many things he likes doing to keep himself busy. I thought it would be a really good idea for me to start writing and to get my photography out there because when I get a bit older I want to have my photography seen as a profession and not a hobby.

Since October of last year I have never been happier. I could not have asked for a better life in all fairness. The day I met Wayne was the day I knew that I would have someone who loved me just as much as I loved them in return. It sounds like something out of a book girls read when they are like 5 and hear about a princess and a prince, it’s not like that in real life but its sure as hell as damn close as it could be. This is the longest relationship I have had, but it’s the only one I want and wish I had found it sooner to be honest. ^.^

I am pretty much a homemaker. I quit University earlier in the year because I did not enjoy the course and this made things a lot better because this meant I got to spend more time with Wayne and his little one. I make tea (and damn good tea at that) and get breakfast for us all. I make sure that Wayne has everything he needs when waking up because he loves his sleep. I just make sure that everyone’s happy in al honesty. From where we were to where we are now in our relationship it makes me realise how far we have come. I now take care of my family and keep a good house. Okay the tidying at the moment has gone down the pan because I will need something to do when Wayne is at University and cleaning is the only thing I can think that will serve most of the hours I have on my own to keep me busy. I have very traditional values about men and women in the home. I don’t like Wayne cleaning because I think it’s my job and cooking too. Although it is nice on the odd occasion when we cook something together or he does it especially for us. Women to me should be in the home making it a happy environment for the family while the males are out working or furthering their own prospects in life. Extreme I know but I like the idea of being home while Wayne is out and have him come home and tell me about his day while his little one plays with her toys and sings her heart out. I don’t want to be out at work away from my family all day and come home to a dirty house and no dinner on the table. These ideologies have probably come from my parents at a young age. My dad runs his own business so he was always at home bar the weekends and my mum went out to work for Vodaphone. I liked having one parent home all the time when I was younger because it was nice to come home and have a chat with my dad about my school day or if I was sick then I knew that there would be someone to pick me up and look after me. It was always a nice thing having one parent home for me and my sister.

Overall, I could not ask for anything better. I feel happy in myself and positive about the future. I like being at home all the time and being able to take care of my family. I’m still a bit apprehensive on the build up to Wayne going to University and his little one going to Daycare but that will get easier with time. I know there will be tears and days where I feel like I can’t get out of bed but that will all go with the time. I think I have the best job in the world. It’s the most rewarding in my eyes because I have the love of Wayne and his little one as my payment and to be honest, that is better payment than any amount of money in the world.



10 responses to “I have the best job in the world…

  1. Nice blog. I used to be a homemaker too. I loved staying home with my children who are now all grown up (or at least they think so!) I wish you all the luck in the world with your blog and look forward to seeing whatelse you have to post.

  2. Interesting blog .
    Am sure a lot of children problems of depression etc that we see today can be solved if one parent could be at home as you said, but the choice has to be taken voluntarily .
    Good luck 🙂

  3. A homemaker is not something I would ever choose to do, but I definitely see how its contribution is important to a household. My boyfriend was out of work a couple years back, and I LOVED that I would come home and dinner was done, the house was clean, the bills were paid. If you and Wayne have agreed to this, well, good on you!

    • Hi jen, Were pretty much an adaptable family home, While i think its nice that Amy wants to look after the house while im at uni, I still want to contribute. I guess in a way its about the respect and the thankfulness for what you do for each other, not taking it for granted or expecting it. Our homes abit of a tip atm, but you know what i like it looking like its lived in, the babs toys everywhere, a few dishes unwashed, its not the end of the world. so long as our time apart is spent doing something we both love, enjoy and appreciate i’m happy. I’d rather that than her sitting home upset because im not there. :/

      My saying is “it takes two people to run a household” and i very much agree with you, Aslong as the bills are payed and the kids are looked after and your happy what more could you want. Everything over that is a bonus.
      (sorry hun just thought i’d reply to this one, love you. xxx)

      • its okay sweetie 🙂 i dont mind.
        Its a nice reply and i know you would rather me do something i love rather than sit at home upset because your not there.
        The time appart will make us realise how much we love each other and appriciate what we do for each other. At least the house will always be clean which is a good thing and dinner will be ready when you get home.

        ❤ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love you

  4. I agree with you Amy, we have seen the generation of “daycare or state raised” kid are like….We need the family back with the woman at home (yes with or without kids). I don’t have kids but our home life is so much better than when I was working full time. I just think women need to be home and guide the home, family, husband in a Godly family….Good luck and God bless you and our standards

    Oh. I think that homemaking is making a comeback one can only hope


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