Stressed is Desserts Backwards…..

This blog has come after a good half hour to an hour of having what people call “writers block” I just call it mind fuck. Its like a state of limbo where I can’t think of anything to do in myself, physically or mentally. I have thought of a good few ideas now for later blog topics which I am pretty pleased with *big smiles*. So this post is practically what the title states: STRESS. Its something we all cope with on a day to day basis or on a regular basis to those people who are now sat there thinking “I’m not stressed everyday”. It’s a natural human emotion so if you don’t suffer from stress at the moment you are guaranteed to have it at least once in your life. The point of this blog is to show people there are many ways of dealing with stress, and I will outline the ones that I find personally good to deal with stressful days or moments J I want people to read this post mainly for the fact that being stressed is not a good thing for your own health and it can affect the people around you. I’m very much a people pleaser and much a hypochondriac so I go overboard with things and think of the worst which can really effect those i love and those around me….so dealing with stress or upset is something I have had to learn over the years.

Top 5 ways I like to deal with stress!

1 – Traditional Cup of Tea.
Now if you aren’t from England, it is a very traditional and British thing to drink tea over here. However, most people relate it with being posh where you think the British sit down with a cup of tea and a scone, this however, is not the case. I’m not talking about a small contact lens sized cup of tea in the pretty fancy china glasses…I’m talking about a proper MUG of tea. You know the mugs I’m on about, the ones that friends buy you that have stupid sayings on or ones that are too large you think they will swallow you if you put your lips anywhere near the rim of them (similar to a LARGE in Starbucks). When I am feeling up tight and stressed out I just pop the kettle on and chill around until it’s boiled. I suggest doing something whilst it is boiling otherwise it will stress you out more thinking that it isn’t doing anything as I have experienced before! Not a good thing. Once the kettle light has gone off I fill up the mug and make sure that the tea is done to perfection. I’m not a typical British that like a good milk cup of tea… I like mine strong. Give the tea bag a few minutes to brew in the hot water then add just a splash of milk. No Sugar. I used to love Sugar in my tea when I was younger but now I think it is revolting. I sit in a quiet space with a mug of tea and just relax, sit back, maybe read a book that I enjoy and just let my mind chill out. It’s a really big help for me and it boosts caffeine and energy levels so when going back to said stressful subject matter your mind is refreshed.

Photograph by Martin Parr “postcards” collection.

2 – Jeremy Kyle
Daytime TV is the broader spectrum of number 2. However, JK show it is for me. It makes me laugh because of the state that some of the people come on the show in. Also some of the issues are very petty and it makes me think about my own life and how arguments and quarrels that I have with my partner really do not matter. It makes me happy watching it because when Jeremy Kyle himself gets angry he likes to pull stupid “mean” faces which is always a giggle at half 9 or half 1 in the afternoon. Sitting and taking an hours break from what I am doing to watch this puts me in a better mood. I feel less tense in my body and just watching it can instantly make people feel better.


When most people are in a stressful environment or situation they do not realise that it would be a good thing to just take a break and do something they enjoy. I like to write blogs to help me when I’m stressed to either vent my anger or to just take my mind off it. If it is work related stress then it is much better to take a break than go round ranting and raving at everyone and thus upsetting them other people. I take a good half hour to an hour at a time having a break. When I was at university I found this very helpful. I would just nip to the SU with some friends and have one or two drinks and a chat, being in such a relaxed environment really helped and then when I had to get back to my work it made it easier to focus and concentrate. Now I know some people will sit there and be like “yeah you really went back to work at uni after drinking” but on the odd occasion I did. I was never one to plan work, it was all last minute which built up a lot of stress, however with that factor in place it made it easier to shy away from friends when I needed to and not get caught up in the partying lifestyle that University held at the time.

4 – A nice hot bubble bath.

I love my baths. I like spending time relaxing with music and some “me” time in the bath (not rudely intended). I make sure that the bath is a nice hot temperature and has lots of lavender smelling bubbles poured into it. Lavender is a really good thing to have around you if you stress out because it’s a relaxant. Having that time in the bathroom to mull over your thoughts and just relax is really good for you. Having a bath also relaxes all the muscles in your body which is a good thing for your health and you as a person as you won’t feel uptight and stressed when you get out of the bath. Its pretty much a win situation for me and others who love having a bath.

5 – Spending time with your family.
Now if you have a family or partner or loved ones then go and spend time with them. If you are stressed out give them a ring and say you need some time to just have fun with them. I know when I’m stressed I like to spend a lot of time with my partner just watching the TV and chatting to him after the babs has gone to bed. Having that one on one time with someone can be a real clincher. I know when I’m stressed my partner likes to help and try to relax me which I really appreciate. I like having the “down” time with my partner to unwind and spend a good few hours of quality time with one another as a couple and not facing daily challenges. I make it almost seem as though me and my partner jump into the TV and head to a fairy tale world, this is not the case. We literally sit in our living room with a cup of tea and some comedy on BBC3 and just chat, browse the net and soak up all the time we have to spend together.

They are just my top 5…what does everyone think? I have a lot more such as smoking, gaming and housework to distract me from what I am doing. I know everyone deals with it differently and in many a different ways. Hope you all enjoyed.

Comments and subs welcome.


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