The Warped Minds & Extreme Matrix that is Beauty.

The Matrix of Self Development.

So after a mammoth session of dying my hair last night I got thinking about self improvements and what people do to enhance their beauty. I am a complete sucker for beauty and looking nice. I hate going out without makeup on, I always want to dress nice and look at least half decent most days. I believe that people change over time, in all areas of looks and personality. This is mainly taken from my mother who turned around to me and said “im not the same person your father married 20 years ago as he isn’t the same person that I married”. This whole saying meaning that they have both changed in personality and defiantly in looks. My mother and father are two very inspirational people to me, mainly my mother and I too hope one day I have a happy marriage like she has.

During the course of people’s lives looks change, I mean come on you don’t want to look like you did when you were a minute old do you?…….I didn’t think so. Progression over time is the thing that makes us change. Hair grows, nails, toes, skin texture etc. Everyone looks different due to their genetic code but it is peoples own decisions that give them the freedom to look how they want to look as they age.

In modern day society there are many a thing that you can do to enhance and change the way you look. From hair colouring and makeup to botox and plastic surgery. Some people have strong opinions on plastic surgery and I respect that. Would I ever get it? If someone offered it to me on a plate yes I would quite frankly. I know I’m only 20 and young which can sway my opinion of it as I’m more acceptable to things like that. There are other ways such as tattooing and body modification that can make you look different and stand out. Again, being a young adult I have always liked the idea of tattoos and piercings and I have two tattoos and 12 piercings and I still want more. The media are responsible to playing a part in peoples change in looks, and this is something I believe in strongly. If all celebs where killed in a freak tragedy and we as the general public never knew about them would we still buy magazines to see who had done what and what’s the best technique to get rid of bingo wings? No we wouldn’t, we wouldn’t be any the wiser. The media like to glam everything up and put beauty on a pedestal so that there is an aim of “perfection” to those who are insecure enough to follow it and get to it. With the media making everything look pretty and as though it is the “cool” thing to do to all generations of women, it comes at a price. Everything is very expensive, mainly over here in the UK if you want something major done because we British don’t have multiple surgeries and Hollywood style places like the US. However, even going to get makeup and hair products still means you are forking out a good £20 each time you buy things. Especially if you want the top quality brands that do wonders for your skin or hair. For instance; me and my partner went shopping yesterday to Tesco and had a look at shampoo. My partner has bleached his hair, which I know from personal experience is hard to maintain once the hair is chemically stripped like in bleaching. Plus I wanted to get some nice shampoo and conditioner for me to use to strengthen my hair as it is really weak. Specialised shampoo for coloured hair is extremely expensive; at least £6 a bottle! To some that may not seem like a lot but the bottles are not huge and they will only last a good 3 weeks at a push if you wash your hair every other day. It made me realise just how much we do like to spend on making ourselves look nice and pretty. Plus maintaining it doesn’t seem a problem once you have brought the product once. Also with the price of inflation going up by at least 4.5% (thank you bbc news) it is going to be increasingly difficult for families to live on such a tight budget.

The changes I make to my looks are mainly down to own personal opinion. I am not the most confident of people when it comes to how I look so I like to do things that make me feel more comfortable when I go out and make me feel more confident. The things I have done such as body art are my decision mainly because I think that tattooing is a form of self expression and a form of art, to which I am a very art inspired person. So I had a mammoth session including hair dye last night, which made me feel better about my hair. All girls will agree with me when I say that it is not the nicest thing to have your roots showing on half your head and then the colour you died it about 6 weeks ago on the other half. No it is not nice, this is what I had to cover up last night. I am naturally a red head, so I have died my hair a bright red colour which now makes me feel better about it. I wouldn’t mind going back to my natural colour one day as my partner really likes it and I am growing fond of it. I wear makeup, like any average girl…but I like to keep it less than the ones you see on the tv who are covered in the stuff and it looks like you could literally cut it off their face with a knife as though it is a 3 course meal.

Two Television programs showing the extremes of looks:

Toddlers and Tiaras – A show about mothers and daughters going into beauty pagents. The one I watched was a rhodeo special where the girls had to do everything “semi Glitz”. This meant no heavy tanning, makeup, provocative wear. Girls as young as 4 where competing in the pagent. I think this program is wrong beyond all heavens. At that age you should be playing with Barbies and having tea parties, NOT wearing makeup and doing little catwalks to others so they can judge you purely on appearance and talent. The show is a US thing which is probably a cultural difference which I do not understand. However, I strongly feel you should allow children to be children and not turn them into young adults at such an early age and warp their minds on beauty and how to look.

Snog, Marry, Aviod? – This is a BBC3 show that I love watching. There are “fake” girls. You know the ones; who have 5 layers of makeup on, tan galore, eyelashes on, short outfits, skin showing….you know the type, they may as well look like cheap hookers on a street corner some of them. A thing called “POD” takes all the fake from them and shows them what they would look like with everything toned down to a natural state. I love how they do this. It really goes to show how extreme people will take looking good to and then have it turned around so they realise how pretty they are naturally.

Does anyone watch/watched these? I love shows like this. Makes me think a lot into my own personal beauty.

I have no issue with anything that a person wants to do to themselves to make themselves look better or nicer appearance wise. It will develop and get crazier over time and im sure that when I get to about 50 I will look at the younger generation and they will be even worse than we are now with how they look. Its natural progression with people as they age they want to look better and not how old they actually are. There are many a product for this and treatment for this as well, but when you get older and even at my age, should we really be that bothered about how we look? If you are a happy person then why conform to how others see beauty in magazines, on tv etc?

I like having the odd “day off” from my beauty regime and have a lazy day where I literally doss about my home in trackie bottoms, tank top, messy hair and no makeup. Its nice to just let my skin breathe and do its natural thing along with giving my body a break from clothes that are so primed up. Having an odd day off is good for everyone J and can really make you see how pretty you are. I believe that everyone has a natural beauty and we as women should embrace that and allow ourselves to embrace the natural progression of things and aging, our looks will do what they want no matter how we try to cover them up. When we are all dead and gone we are going to look naturally beautiful and how we should look when we are in a coffin. No media or product will change that. One thing I love about my partner is that he always seems to get really nice photographs of me at my most “bare”, when I haven’t bothered dressing up for the day, doing my makeup or even doing my hair. I love how he caputres me. He is the only person I will allow to take photographs of me looking natural or even made up. I work behind the camera, not in front of it. He makes me realise how pretty I can be when I don’t bother, along with him telling me all the time that I look pretty with or without makeup he just wants me to be happy and cumfy J. The last photo below is one I took of my partner (& he will kill me for putting it up lol), playing guitar, which he likes to do a lot and I love listening to him. I just think all the photos are nice and natural and show my point J


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