The Beauty Of Art

The Beauty Of


This blog is mainly inspired from watching “The Hustle” Series One, Episode Three. The Episode includes the team trying to con someone out of a lot of money for a small work of Art. The woman they are trying to con is a very high buying Art collector and likes to get original pieces that are NOT fakes. If anyone has watched the hustle before then they know the sorts of cons the team pull. Its all very precise and interesting to watch. I have only recently started watching it with my partner but I am really enjoying it. With the episode I watched last night being in an art gallery it made me think about how I look at art when I visit and exhibition or even when I do it in everyday life, whether It be my own work or the work of someone else.

Doing a photography course last year was very much dependant on going to galleries and museums to look at works by other artists to get inspiration and to get research on said artist that related to the project you were doing. I never thought that I would be a fan of trudging round a dreary old museum or art gallery with a notebook and pen looking at pieces of work and seeing why they had meaning. I mean come on, I didn’t want to be one of those people you always see in art galleries that are too stuck up their own ass to even think you would step into a gallery because you look common as the shit on your shoe. However, this all changed pretty quickly. The first gallery I went to was the Tate Modern in Liverpool. We got the afternoon to look about the gallery and get to see all the artists’ works and everything that the Tate had on offer to the general public. The exhibitions where fantastic! I was completely captivated by the works of some artists and I found myself thinking what would have possessed them to do the work, what were their inspirations, did they have help, does it have a hidden meaning….all these questions whirling around in my brain bringing life to my personality and interest in the art world. This then sparked a hunger for art exhibitions within me. I was waiting until we would go to the next one with my course or for a chance to go by myself and have a look around. Over the year I was in University we always came to Liverpool to have a look around a lot of different exhibitions. This made me very happy, more so when I was with my partner and I only had to nip down the road to get to town and meet with everyone. I always collected a lot of leaflets and photographs of the exhibitions that I visited last year. I really enjoyed them. I would come back and tell my partner all about them and what I liked and what I disliked….he sat and listened to my useless mouth fly back and forth about non sense, but it made me happy so he was happy to listen to me bang on about art work. I want to do the same this year and really enjoy it. Nip in while I have some free time and see what is on offer. Really get a feel for art work again as I seem to have slipped out of it being out of University and quitting earlier this year.

I don’t know if I am the only person who seems to get excited by art and really have a passion for it. I hope others that are reading it are like me…. I really hope. Otherwise I just look like some art loving nutjob who goes around galleries by herself with a coffee and a notepad coming up with mad questions to then try and Google later in the day after the excitement has gone. Does anyone else really like art galleries? Anyone seen a really good exhibition at a gallery and would care to share the experience?

The one memorable experience I had was when I visited the Walker Art Gallery last year. It was at the end of 2010 that I went to see the gallery due to my photography lecturer really enjoying the work of Wolfgang Tillman. We got to go off and explore the museum and really get a feel for the different types of artwork that were on offer. There was two things I remember vividly from this exhibition. One was the fact the museum had a “renaissance” room. Showing artwork and artefacts from the tie period. I was the only person from my group to really embrace the beauty and empowerment that the period had on society and how the art work was truly appreciated. I loved how each small detail was made and shown in the painting. Some of the artefacts where magnificent and very intricately detailed all over said object. It was a truly magical experience and I really did spend about an hour in there just gazing at the paintings and studying each and every inch of the items upon the walls and cabinets. Within that same day I saw something beautiful and something mind-blowingly abnormal. The essence of abnormality was present in the room I walked into with a video playing on a small 16inch tv. The room was dimly lit so that the TV was the main focal point. There was audio going on in the room relating to the video. I sat on the small white bench that had been provided and gazed at the video. Over the course of the multimedia presentation there was a middle aged man standing in an elevator with animal skin upon his back. Through the course of the tape I watched it went through different scenes with this same man doing different things draped in this animal skin. I have no idea of what possessed the artist to make this piece of work but it was fantastic. It made me feel spooked out, I felt very uneasy on viewing the rest of the gallery after watching said tape. It almost felt as though the person was walking along side me the rest of the time I was in the gallery, like when you think you have seen a ghost or something bad is going to happen to you when you’re at home alone. That horrible uneasy feeling of dread or the unknown looming around you. I cannot remember for the life of me who the artist was but it was such a memorable piece. If someone finds that please let me know what it is! I would love to have a look at it again and go through it with a fine tooth comb and research about the artist themselves.

Please share your own experiences with art and galleries, I would be really interested in reading them.



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