Preparation is the Key.

So over the next week I have to prepare myself for what I call “my whole life” to change.

Over the past year I have been with my partner and have been practically inseparable. We have spent every day together for the past 11 months which is lovely and I could not value it more. I probably value the last week we have together more than any other time in our relationship, due to the fact that when you spend so much time with someone you take what you and they do for granted. Now I’m not going to sit here and say that I am a saint and I have not taken my partner for granted because admittedly I have done. I think that when you spend so much time with each other you forget the fundamentals about the other person and things become very routine which thus in turn makes you forget about how valuable and loving you are with one another. This is why I say “my whole life” because to me my partner and his little girl are just that to me. They are the people I live and breathe for, the ones I go to in time of need and the ones I want to cherish and be with for the rest of my life.

    For the past 3 or 4 months we have been prepping ourselves for the biggest change in our relationship. My partner is planning on going to University. Applying for the course in January of this year was a doddle, all the forms filled in and completed, after his agonising wait to see if he would get an interview that letter came through saying “you have been invited for an interview”. The interview soon came and he went and came back saying that he thought he had failed…..this was not the case when the next day he got a phone call saying he had been accepted. It’s always a positive moment when you or someone you love gets what they want and has the opportunity to carry out what they want to accomplish in life. The moment he got through I was so proud that he had got the placement and gotten to do what he wanted and what he wants for our family and our future. With this then came a tonne of other forms to fill out with applying for University, thankfully, that have now been sorted and dealt with.

    At present, it is only 8 days until he starts properly at University studying Psychology, which is pretty scary for him and for me. I decided to quit University earlier this year because the course wasn’t for me. There is a post I have done about this if you want to check it out ( The thought of not spending as much time as normal with him does scare me because I’m not one to like being left alone….however, now I have decided to do home studying I will be okay and occupied whilst he is away. I have decided to take up an online English course with Learn Direct. I want to brush up on my skills so I can then go onto do art history and progress in my photographic career. People always say that preparation is the key to success. I did not believe them but over the past year It has come to my attention that this is in fact true, very, very true. An example of this would be myself and my University work; I did everything last minute and would not prepare making me not work to the best of my ability and I would be rushing around making sure things were done, thus forgetting key elements because my attitude was that being social and partying was more important than doing my work. Okay, as much as socialising and partying is a nice thing at University, you must leave good time to get your work done if you want to survive the first year.

    So the next week is a very busy one. Mainly for my partner because he has to make sure everything is sorted before he goes to start next Monday. There is a lot to do. I guess I never thought of it in as much detail as he has when I moved up north to come to university. This would be mainly due to me having my parents around and my mother is very organised and likes to keep on top of things so I had her od most of the decisions and planning for me. My partner on the other hand, has been living on his own for 6 years now and has his little girl to think about when going to University so preparation is the key with everything. I personally think that he is doing really well with everything and making sure all things are done for next week. I personally am preparing more mentally than physically. Sure, I have my course to sort out which I am in the progress of doing but I need to wait on a phone call from the company now then I can start. Yes online courses are really that easy, you do a test, get a phone call then BAM you can start and it won’t cost you a penny. I am preparing mentally to be away from him, the one person I love and talk to all the time….gone for 6 hours a day. I know some of you may read this and think that 6 hours a day is not a very long time….but when you spend 24/7 with someone it seems like a lifetime, believe me.

    I like to keep myself busy, so I know that this course that I want to do will be a good one for this. I will also have other things to do such as shopping and photographing as I live near Liverpool city centre so it is not hard to nip into town and take some photographs and do a bit of shopping. I’m excited more for my partner because I know it is something that he wants to do for us and for himself. I think it will be a really good time that we have to share together. Along with the main factor that spending a bit of time apart will give us more to talk about and make us appreciate each other and what we do for one another more than we have done before in our relationship. It’s something that is scary but exciting. Preparation for this is very important and anyone reading this would probably agree with me.

What do you guys think? Anyone shared a similar experience?



12 responses to “Preparation is the Key.

  1. Hey… I don’t know you but i saw what SH said in regards to your post on SH. Check out what I said in return. it was the last straw. She’s not the only hw site. I think from now on i will be going to a hw site that has a higher than high school mentality! She seems like a very unhappy hatefull person. Maybe if she had the love you have she would be nicer. take care and good luck. jenni

    • is your reply still up or has SH removed it?

      I know I will be “dismissed” but I am going to tell her what I think. She’s as crazy as KKKKelly herself….cerfifiable!

      • as far as i know its been removed.
        In all fairness she shouldn’t have insulted me just because my comment was “Spam” when i dont see how linking to your own blog at the end of a comment is spamming…the comment was pure innocence to what she had posted because i am a fan of the show. lol
        Whatever….its her choice.


  2. Omg Amy….If SH reads this I will surely get “das boot” from her site but frankly my dear I just dont give a damn.

    She insists on only two rules… foul language and no attacking other commenter and that is precisely what she did to you. Don’t take it personally
    because she has serious issues.

    If someone posts something that she has previously posted, that commenter is
    chastised…..drawn and quartered. She expects her commenters to research her entire site to be sure they don’t post something that she has. There’s no way in hell that I am going to spend the time doing that….I can only assume that others probably feel the same.

    She is effing obsessed about being the FIRST to post something…what? is she still in second grade???

    O just saw where she read someone the riot act for commenting about something that
    she deemed insignificant….ie not postworthy. (it was about luanns new app)

    That woman takes herself, her blog, her posts etc waaaaayyy too seriously…
    hell this shit is all in fun. No one takes anything about the housewives seriously.
    We watch, read and comment just for pure entertainment value.

    Not to mention that she thinks her own comments are soooo very funny, snarky, intuitive or whatever….but what she says is booooring in comparison to
    the rest of us. She is neither clever or witty. Her sense of humor is severly lacking. And her grammar and spelling isn’t always on point herself.

    Consider yourself one of the lucky ones in seeing just how demented a blogger can be.

    Peace, love and puppies! 🙂

    • HeresWhat…

      Dang- your gonna get put in SH jail! What do you mean she’s not the absolute perfect grammatical example?!? For suggesting such a thing- I was censored and basically told to go away.

      Mother who’s name used to involve my obsession with bread. 🙂

  3. In all fairness SH must stand for Shit head. I just popped over to the blog to have a look hun (refering to Amy :D)
    Wouldn’t let the closemindedness and rude-ness of obvious Stick up the ass sufferers get to you hunni.

    And don’t worry about uni, we’ll end up doing more with our time rather than relaxing all the time so it’ll be better in that sense 🙂

    Much love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. I used to comment and read SH regularly and occasionally pop over just to make sure she hasn’t reported something… you know.. .original.

    I don’t know what bit her in the hiney but she didn’t used to attack people like that. I had the same thing happen after a relatively benign comment and it was the last straw for me too… well that and she censors everything- changing your words. etc.

    Funny she left your blog link on the pic 😉

    Just wanted you to know you’re not alone.

  5. If you can be brave enough to face being away then it’ll be a great thing for your relationship. You’ll have new experiences to talk about, stories to share and you’ll be pleased to see each other. Yes you’ll grow and things will change but you can make that for the better. Just keep communicating and talking, even when you think it’ll be hard or difficult.

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