I’m BACK with a BANG!

Ok so im back *dances* after not having the internet for nearly two weeks thanks to Virgin Media cutting off phone, tv and broadband as we had not paid the bill. Stupid people.

So i was literally stuck into realising what things i did before i had the internet in the first place. Let me tell you now….. i realise how much i use the internet when i dont have it. For example, i have been working on an animation in Blender with my partner Wayne and im not the most tech savvy person in the world so i could not get any tutorials or help from the interet because of it being cut off. However, i did have the help of wayne who is a dab hand with blender so he had to suffer my wrath of annoance and stress over a small matter of confusion. So being cut off from what most people would deem as “civilisation” made me start a lot more things and allow me to enjoy my life and not feel confined to social means.


Firstly, i started spending more quality time with my partner and his little girl. Her playing with toys and playing games with her, all spending time as a family. Going out shopping and spending good time together talking and playing. It was very much enjoyable. The past time i have had without the internet has made me value my relationship with Wayne. We have finally managed to pry ourselves away from facebook and other means of internet chatter and watched TV together, talked about things and drank numerous amounts of tea together. OK we do this sometimes anyways (drinking tea everyday) but it seemed special to me. Some weird meaning behind it all where i actually started to feel better about myself and how we were together. Don’t tell the Bride is a fave of ours, okay a guy shouldn’t watch it because its a girls program but its a quality show! BBC3 on a tuesday, yes please. It’s funny, witty and down right stupid at points. I just felt a lot more loved, we weren’t sat on the computers chatting to friends or just browsing things for no reason what so ever.


Secondly, i found that i wanted to start doing things more that i wouldn’t normally do. I took time out to clean the house which is something i enjoy doing anyway and find it of the up most importance that a woman does it. Im pretty traditional like that thanks to my mother. Found i was cooking a few more meals too which was nice as i want to get into cooking more and making more of an effort. I started to actually bother making an effort with my apperance too! This is something a typical girl is like. I am your average 20 year old woman who worries endlessly about what they look like. However, without having the net i actually made myself look reasonable. I know Wayne isn’t fussy with what i wear or look like because hes a partner who thinks i look beautiful no matter what time of day or what sitation it is and i value him for that. I did my makeup nice and made sure that i wore things that made me look nice too. Also instead of feeling horrible about myself i found i was more positive without them images of skinny pretty models on the computer or fashion things as im a big lover of fashion and would keep updated regularly.


Thirdly, i would like to state that i found another method of communication. A MOBILE PHONE! its amazing how much i have missed the old method of texting and recieving a phone call. The old times when we used to press the little buttons 2 or 3 times to create a letter on a blank document to express our inner most feelings towards our friends. I managed to catch up with my two best friends and have a decent conversation with them that was more personal than “facebook chat”. I have the greatest best friends and we all pull together and help each other out and it was nice to just relax and chat to them for a bit without having the internet distracting mewith fancy adverts or emails. Lastly, i have done the most unexpected thing ever. I am going to write a novel. This was mainly Waynes idea as he is a writer himself and some of his things really interest me. I like to know what hes wiriting about and whats going to happen. In one book he is writing at the moment i love one of his characters who is an old lady destoryed by past events and carries a pan around with her. Shes amazing šŸ™‚ and it was all made up in his imaginative mind. It facinates me. So i thought that i would give it a go. Im not a strong writer, i never have been. However i am now taking an online English qualification which should help and will also give me things to do in my spare time when Wayne is at University and His little one is in daycare. I want to write a novel about a young lady and a poor man. It’s going to be an old wartime romance tale, as those are the types of books i enjoy reading the most. Im just starting on ideas but im really enjoying it and getting into it.

The photograph above is me and my partner Wayne… I know i have been on about him a lot in this post. He is pretty much my muse for things and the reason im the person i am today.

I know the internet is a nessecity in everyday life now. It is really such a life killer though. You sit mindlessly on the internet looking at facebook hoping something is going to happen and it never does. Emails that get repetative from people you dont care about and companies you would rather have shot down like dogs. I just find it very mundane, the internet that is. Life is so much more interesting when you arent clouded by mediated thoughts and rumors. I just found i had my eyes opened and realised how pretty the world is. I dare you to give it a go….you would be suprised at what you will find.




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