One Photographers Playlist to inspiration

So I thought I would make this post mainly based on music and music photography.
When I first started out as a photographer, my main goal was to have it all; the money, the reputation, the lifestyle and the fame. As much as they are still in my mind I want to be a photographer to make people happy and to inspire people within all mediums of art. Over my 3 years photographing anything and everything I came to a conclusion that I really enjoyed photographing people and my other passion in life is music so I thought why not photograph bands and musicians……

This is what I set out to do. When I lived with my parents I went to a local youth club and was a part of their team as photographer and gig committee member. I found photographing bands would bring out a more fun side to me and it would make me more social and bring me out of my shell a bit so to speak. I have always listened to a lot of different types of music. I am only just recently getting back into all the old rock and roll music I used to listen to thanks to my partner as its what he listens to. I have a playlist on the go with me wherever; whether I just nip to the shop, go into town, walk down the road or go to docs. There is always music blasting in my ears. This helped me focus more on my subject matter of music photography. When bands play music it makes me happy and makes me feel good about what I’m doing. I did a lot of music photography when I was living with my parents and I did not want that to stop when I went to University.

200 miles away from my parents and in a new place I applied to be a photographer at the Student Union on the band nights they had. This was a success and went really well. I was so happy to be part of a team again and photographing musicians. I had a really good time with it all and took some lovely shots. The shots you see in this post are all my own music photography. Over the course of Uni I quit and I’m now with my partner. Growing up over the past year has made me realise that I don’t want to specialise in music photography anymore…..if I’m honest I don’t really know what I want to specialise in anything. I quite like having to pick and choose what I can photograph and what would look beautiful. It gives me more freedom and gives me opportunity to explore my talent.

There is still music blasting from my ears every minute they can to be honest. I think that everyone has a “soundtrack” to their lives depending on what mood they are in. For example I’m feeling really good today and slightly excitable so I have System of a down playing as the band reflects how I’m feeling. I hope you like my shots and what are your views on music photography and music in general? Comments would begreat and subs. For more of my music photography please click the “flickr” link.




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