Photo Editing Software.

So basically this is a post inspired by my partner on all levels. or link to the right à

He did a post on a photograph of myself and turned it into a creepy artwork.
I wanted to try out his graphics pad that he got ages ago because I was never fan of them and always found it increasingly difficult to use them while I was in 6th form doing my photography course. Our tutors always said to use the tablet if you were manipulating small parts of an image because it would be more accurate on the final image. This I did not believe at the time, however, now I do. I took a photograph of a Night Elf from World Of Warcraft and decided to go over it and give it my own twist. I used GIMP 2.6 for this which I found very easy to use, detailed and really fun. The original is in black and white and my one was in colour.

This is the original photograph

Then I went over it and did what I wanted to it. It took me ages as I had to grasp looking at the screen to see what I was doing and not the graphics pad itself. This is the final image that I came up with…. Im pretty pleased with it I guess. What do you think?

What do you think?? Comments and subscribes are welcome

Amy. ❤

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