So I thought I would post some more photography today ^.^ (yey)


This relates back to something I did last year at University. I took a “Fine art photography” course. Something at the time I thought would be a good idea and it would very much interest me. How I was wrong. It did not work out like that. I like to be a photographer that portrays the different and alternative side of projects and what I am set to do. The project “sex, drugs && rock n roll” was not something I wanted to take a typical approach on. I wanted it to be fun and free. Like the lifestyle itself. Most people see the subject matter as mediated too much and giving a false impression to teens. However, I wanted to give a fashioned element to it and show the glamour almost. Here are some of my shots:

I wanted my subjects to be cool and calm but pose in a way that makes them look sexy and defined. The shots are slightly edited, some more than others. It took me a long period of time to get the shots just right and to edit them how I wanted. Once the project was finished I put it all together in a portfolio with research work and inspiration, then handed it in. The group crit that we had in my photography lesson was not as successful as I wanted it to be. I had my lecturers telling me that it was not what the brief asked for and that I won’t be getting a good mark for it. I was crushed by this, but it drove me to try better but in the end the course was not what I wanted. So I have decided to quit and take up a history of the arts course at an open university so that I can be near my family all the time J.

What do you think of my photographs? Would you say they portray elements of the glamorous Rock n roll lifestyle?







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