Weekly Photo Challenge: UP.

I thought i would take a different perspective on this and take UP to the maximum. This is a photograph i took on the way to Florida. The skies are an amazing place, as much as i hate flying i love this photograph. i hope you do too. COMMENT PLEASE

Sky shot.

On the way to Florida.








9 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: UP.

    • ha no nobody can help me with it.
      I just hate it, not a fan of not having the control of my own travel. I get dodgey on trains sometimes, it proper freaks me out.
      Im useless ahah. If im not knocked out on a plane then i dont want to fly,


  1. I know exactly how you feel. Flying scares the hell out of me – well to be honest its not the flying, its the prospect of crashing. I do fly when I have to, but I don’t enjoy it.

    Love the shot of the clouds. At least looking for great photo ops while up there might take your mind off the flying part?

  2. It’s lovely up there… But not in an airliner. Go and get yourself a Pilots License – then you’ll be in control 🙂 Nice shot from above the clouds.

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