Beauty in Art: Tattoos

Expression & Art: Tattoos.

So this a post inspired by Amanda Rudd and her posting about Tattoos ( and I thought I would like to share my views and opinions on the wonderfully creative subject of tattoos. (photographs not taken by or are myself)

The world of Tattooing can be very taboo with people; mainly the older generation due to their strict upbringing and how it was not a mediated subject back then. Also I think it maybe down to society and stereotypes. You think of tattoos on alternative looking people (punk, rocker etc) and it does not appeal to the “normal” looking people. I say “normal” because I do not think there is any generic normality within society in the modern age. Everyone should be accepted how they are despite their appearance. What do you think is the main reason for tattoos being a taboo subject matter with some people?

Tattoos are a way of self-expression as well as an art form. It is just like Painting, photography, sculpture, sketching etc. It has all of those elements put into it into some degree making it a widely complex art form. You have a specific order when making the decision to get a tattoo….
– What you want to get image wise (creative idea)
– Reasoning behind the said image (creative inspiration)
–  Where you would like said tattoo upon your body (canvas positioning and material)
– Going to a tattooist and getting an idea of what they would like to do with your idea and the positioning you want. (creative mediation)
– Having the tattooist place a transfer of said agreed design upon the chosen area on the body (idealistic creation)
– The time to get the tattoo inked onto the body and the healing process (finished product)
If you break it down like that it clearly shows elements of the types of art I have listed above. I feel that getting a tattoo is a very big decision as you will wear it for the rest of your life on your body and people will look at it and ask about. Almost like an artistic exhibition in that sense.

Getting a tattoo is very “pretty”. It has a lot of potential to be something amazing and dear to you as a person. All tattoos have a story behind them whether they be meaningful and deep or something irrelevant to your life and was a random thing you wanted to do.  Everyone has a story and different designs which makes tattooing the most unique art form out there and the best choice of canvas (in my opinion). However, when people get “random” tattoos as much as they have a story behind it, it may not be a passionate story or it may be a mistake they made. This, in my opinion, taints the beauty of the art form. The most common tattoo that I think taints the beauty of tattooing is partner’s names. I think it’s a very nice gesture to get the person you love tattooed upon your body and have it there as a gift almost and a tribute to them….but it can all go wrong with said person and then you have something that was once pretty and beautiful now turned into tragedy and sorrow.

I always wanted a tattoo from when I was the age of 12. My father has one on his forearm and I always looked at it and thought that It would be something nice for me to get. When I was that age it was more about the design of the tattoo being something I liked rather than something meaningful. My parents were very strict in the matter of me getting my first tattoo. They wanted me to wait until I was the legal age of 18 to get it done and be 100% happy with the design and structure of the piece I wanted inked upon my body for the rest of my life. My mother was the main person to convince about me getting a tattoo as she found it almost a profanity to get one done. She kept telling me that I would ruin my body and that it wouldn’t look nice when I’m 80, but that nevertheless made me change my mind. My father was not as bad as my mother, he said that I was ugly enough and old enough to make my own decision but he did not think it wise to get one so young. I appreciate them being the way they were about it because it made me really think about what I wanted and why I wanted it. It made me go through many decisions over about 2 years of my life when I hit 16. The fact of the matter is, if I hadn’t of waited and got it done at a younger age with my parents permission I wouldn’t be as happy with it as I am now because it would not have any meaning it would just be something I liked at the time I was dying for an inked piece of art.

I remember going to get my first tattoo and it will be an experience that will stay with me forever. I went in wanting the writing “Amor Vincit Omnia” with a heart ying yang symbol on my left hip. The wording is Latin for “Love conquers all”. I did not want it in English because I did not think it would look as delicate and I love the Latin language, it is more romantic. The wording is broken down into my main value in life, I do believe that if love is strong enough it will overpower anything and everything that you are faced with in life. Whether it be a career or a partnership. The ying yang in a heart symbolising the neutral feeling that love brings to your life, the balance in which it seems to settle things and your mind frame. I was very nervous at first when I stepped into the art studio…and saw all the designs then felt a bit better. I saw the design that the artist had come up with and I fell in love with it for my first tattoo. I thought it was great and really looked delicate but meaningful. Transfer went on and I was able to check the positioning of my tattoo which was nice and made it more personal. Then the fun started, the artist said they would do a small line to give me a feel of what it was like. I had put myself into the mind frame that it was going to be very painful and hurt a lot, which it did not. I was pleasantly surprised with the feel of it. I really enjoyed it and thought it was more relaxing than painful, however I have a good pain threshold. I came out after 20 minutes and was very pleased with the result. I couldn’t stop smiling. FACEBOOK POST: photo of my new tattoo. It was lovely and still to this day I love it. I look at it and I’m still happy with it and love how it looks on me.
I also have a very small DIY heart tattoo on my wrist, the idea was for my partner. We both wanted one to symbolise how much we love each other and we both did it togehter as a DIY job which is lovely. 🙂 thats my most fave tat that i have for obvious reasons.
I have another tattoo of a pink and black nautical star on my right hand in between my thumb and forefinger which is another meaningful tattoo. That again was another nice feeling. I can see why people say that tattooing can become and addiction with the feel of it and the end result. I want a lot more tattoos as my life goes on to record events and personal feelings upon my body.

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo I would take it seriously and think through it. Its something that is put on your body for life and hopefully it will be something you love, just like I do.

Anyone got tattoos? How were your experiences??…. & if not what would you want and why?
comments below, I would love to read your stories.



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