Sugar Smiles & Candy Kisses

Sugar Smiles and Candy Kisses: 8 Guilty Pleasures

DEVIL. This is my first guilty pleasure. I am spending I would say at least half of my day on Facebook, and I know a lot can relate to me. I do not go on it for specifics, it is purely because it’s the “thing to do” and its only on in the background most of the time. I speak to my friends about anything and everything and catch up with those who care most for me, due to me being over 200 miles from my parent’s house where I grew up and most of my friends still reside. So they are the ones to catch up on, I like to update about the most precious thing to me which is my family. They are beautiful and deserve mention. Im not a huge fan of facebook if im honest, but its like social and communicational suicide if you get rid of facebook.

“Dear The Pie In The Sky, I have now become a victim to Facebook, I am very sorry to bow to peer pressure and the force. The Devil Pie has stolen my soul……and my brain is slowly turning to mush as I stay on it but feel unable to get rid. Goodbye”

Now you could lay all the sweets in the world at my feet and I would still not be happy.
OK, that sounds very spoilt. Scrap that….i am never happy with whatever sweets I may purchase.  Nothing is too good. I seemed to have tried most sweets. My father owns his own sweet business and I would like to say I blame him fully, but I do not. Not at all, infact if I hadn’t been a greedy fat kid when I was younger I probably would have some sort of satisfaction when tucking into some sweeties. I miss the days when you go to the shop and buy penny sweets and you get a buzz from the first bite of a fizzy snake jelly, or the gooey centers in bubble gums, free tattoo stickers, chew bars….all of it mind-numbingly boring to my taste buds. I am a big fan of sour sweets and I have found NOTHING I repeat NOTHING that I find too sour…..warheads from the US don’t cut it, Toxic Waste in the UK doesn’t cut it….its useless. I cannot find that new exciting buzz when biting into a sweet for the first time….so I end up getting lots I’ve had before and eating them.  OK I get them free with my mother being the godsend she is and I love she does it for me and its nice for our family. Any ideas on some really nice sweets?

This guilty pleasure would be my passion. I LOVE my photography , not in the “im such a great photographer” sort of way but the way in which I look through the lens of my DSLR and rejoice at how beautiful the world seems. In reality we know the world to be a pretty drab place and some people’s version of “hell”. However, looking through my lens brings over overpowering sense of beauty to everyone and everything within the worlds mass. I take photos of everything and anything. Click AMYS CORNER to see more of my work. I hope you like it. I post weekly photo challenges on here to get my works out there and hope that the general public and other photographers enjoy what I’m shooting subject wise.  I feel fantastic when I shoot my chosen subject matter and really look at all the details to bring out the true beauty within it, almost to tell a photographic story to portray a certain emotional value.

World Of Warcraft
WoW, to the tech savvy people out there. Gaming is a big guilty passion of mine. I love playing World of Warcraft, mainly because it gives me an escape from this reality so that I can play as myself but in a magical world where anything is possible. Relms and monsters people would never dream in their darkest dreams. OK now you can get the free version which sucks because the people who pay hard earned money have basically pissed it up the wall having to start from level 1 and work their way up by playing it with commercial value. It’s a nice place, lots to do and just genuinely one of the little pleasures I like to console in the evening and chill with guild chat, battlegrounds, honour points, quests, crafting and talent building. Its great and I wouldn’t have gotten into it if my partner hadn’t explained things and helped me along the way to what some of my characters have become

I used to play a cheap bass guitar when I was 16 years of age up until I got annoyed that I do not have good eye-hand co-ordination skills. I gave it a go though and would not be happier to just say “yes I’ve try learning bass guitar” My partner on the hand is a mesmerising person. He plays electrical guitar, he’s never had lessons or anything…all self-taught. He plays some cool pieces that are songs by people he and me listen to band wise such as System of a Down/Disturbed etc. Its lush just chilling back and watching him play.

Traditional Values
This is a very wide topic I know but I’m narrowing it down to marriage and household. Im pretty traditional in that sense, nice big white church wedding with people you know and love. Taking vows and cherishing the love you have for one another as a couple and now in marriage. It’s so nice. Household, as many people will disagree with me on this women should be at home looking after the house. I think that women being in the house cleaning and making sure things are done when the husband gets home is a good thing. Plus from when we as girls in our younger years were taught valuable life lessons such as cooking for our dollies and cleaning the houses that we owned. Along with dressing Barbie and keeping ourselves tidy. It makes sence, the values our parents taught us lead to traditional values. However, the only thing I am not one for tradition is the care of children. If you are in a partnership with someone and you have a child you should take equal responsitibility with said child or children as it Is only fair and then presents and equal bonding opportunity for both parents and child/children.

I love babies. Children. They amaze me and I could not think of a life without my parnters little girl. Having a baby is the most magnificent thing you can give to the world and do in your lifetime. You could have all the money and success in the world but it would not be having if you could not share with you loved on and children. I secretly wouldn’t mind having 2 or 3 kids. The miracle of being pregnant is lovely. I want to experience that. I want to have all the kicking, sex telling and what not with it.  Anyone reading this already having gone through having a baby….i envy you. It’s the one thing I now wish for most of all because I have what I would like in my life. I have a family and I have a good lie. Being a mother is the best job in the world, it is so rewarding and very satisfying

TYPICAL GIRL ALERT. I have a lot of shoes…heels, boots, flats, platforms, the lot. Shoes are almost like a temptation that stares me in the face all the time. I end up clicking on shoe adverts on the internet, shoes in shops, shoes on other peoples feet. I stare at them all. I wonder where I can get them from and just go mental knowing that I can’t afford shoes for another 2 months. It’s a pain. However, I think they make people feel and look fantastic! I know whenever I pop a pair of heels on I feel really sexy and confident. Anyone else get that?

What are your guilty Pleasures?

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