Facebook: The Soul Stealer.

Facebook will steal your soul. Period.



Some people say that it’s a boredom cure, some say it’s the only way to contact people…. I say it will steal your soul. The social networking site everyone is addicted to and is now on every god damn TV advert and company known to man started in 2004 in the US. There is over 71% of the population in the US that are on Facebook and over half the population in the UK. At first it was something people just went on to play games or have a chat with someone…now its people’s lives.
Waking up at 9.30am, not having anything to do and just signing on Facebook for “the crack” of being on Facebook? If you’re nodding to this then a lot more are exactly the same, hell I’m the same. Even if it is something in one tab on your internet browser, there is a lot of activity that happens on it. The power of the internet is a great and consuming power, fuelling most things in daily life such as work for adults, most like the “devil” to some people, and I say Devil because I do not see Facebook as a “God”. Having Facebook is somewhat of a social boost in your life and something that is considered the social “normality” for people in the 21st Century. I agree it is a social norm for the time being….but remember the days when kids had Myspace? Bebo? Tagged?….maybe not but Facebook is just one of them things that take people’s lives for a certain time period until something better comes along and steals what’s left of your already disintegrating brain cells.
You can do pretty much everything on Facebook, from see what your friends are up to that day to creating events and following what Celebrities are doing. You can post “status’” about what you are up to, upload photographs, create events, post on peoples walls, message them, listen to music, see pages on pointless activities around the world or stupid comments that people think and put up as a page to see how many people think its “funny”. You can literally do anything and everything (bar porn because the mods don’t like it). The issues with being able to do everything and anything on Facebook imposes a lot of dangers, for instance if you are creating an event for a small get together when your parents are away, if one of your friends gets it and thinks “oh house party” they can then forward it to a lot more people and invite them so that the party can get out of hand. Also it decreases a lot of skills that people would genuinely have if they spent their time being interactive people and not hermit crabs sitting at a computer screen all day. Example; you sit on Facebook and have a chat with a friend and they are like “oh we should meet for coffee” and then you go and meet for coffee, but find yourselves stuck on topics to talk about bar Facebook because you have already said what you needed to say in the chat window beforehand.
Another fiend that Facebook holds in its power is “friends”. You are determined on likeability on Facebook due to how many friends you have on your page. If you don’t have many you are seen as unpopular or not very liked. Average amount of friends is something stupid like 200ish on Facebook….yet most people know the friends you have on there you hardly talk to. I am one for this…I must have like 200 friends on Facebook, pretty average, yet I only talk to about 10 of them on a regular basis….and the people I speak to I can easily ring or text to get the same information I do on Facebook.
Birthdays are another thing I find extremely annoying on Facebook. It’s an undoubted ideal that everyone has a birthday, but do you even remember the days when your friends would send you a text message or go out of their way to come and see you in person and mutter the words “happy birthday” to you in person? No…well I’m not surprised. Now a days its all Facebook birthdays. You see it’s a friend’s birthday and out of general politeness and bandwagon fashion you jump in with two feet and wish them a happy birthday. People who haven’t spoken to you since school maybe…..would they do that normally….if there was no Facebook….the quick answer is no, no they wouldn’t. There is no personal touch to the gesture…..no gratitude. No card or present anymore, them days are long gone within society. Birthday party events to see who wants to come and who doesn’t, the ones that say maybe are the ones who are like “well ill see if I’m doing anything better on the day”. There is no personal touch anymore, party invites that you buy from the shop and get excited or ones that you hand make….all disappeared with the blemish of time.
It is all so general and becoming even more generic.
Facebook is taking over the TV as much as it is the internet. All companies seem to have a Facebook button upon the adverts the pay to put on the television or have a Facebook page. You know when Birdseye is getting the general public to post ideas for new fish products on Facebook to increase their own revenue and profits you know that society has collapsed. A TV programme that really hinders the negative aspects of Facebook is Jeremy Kyle. I am very partial to Jeremy Kyle at half past 9 in the morning with a cuppa in one hand and a smoke in the other chilling out and waking up watching people’s lives at stake for the sake of good TV. Jeremy Kyle deals with many problems that families, singles, couples deal with on a daily basis. However, Facebook is the exploit of the relationship problems. “she was on Facebook chatting to other men” or “he was sending a woman dirty messages over Facebook” or “there was you saying its your baby” on Facebook…..its pathetic. The apitimy of relationships have come down to what is said on a social networking site because people have no communication within their own relationship with someone that they cannot chat like adults and sit face to face with their worries. JK himself does seem very amused by the factor and exploits the fact people have no communication skills with their partner or child etc that they have to come onto his show and make them look incredibly dumb. I’m sure I’m not the only person who thinks this about communication within personal relationships.
I guess what I’m trying to point out is that once you are on Facebook your soul will belong to Satan himself. You have no more personal touch to anything, your privacy is invaded as people find it mind-numbingly necessary to post every minute of their lives on their page so it pops up in your news feed with the hope you may comment on it. There is no apps coming out for mobiles that you can get to almost “perv” on people by holding the Camera on your phone to their face and it will bring up their Facebook page and you can find out what you want on them. Mobile access is permitted for Facebook now so if your out and about you can hop on Facebook via mobile and update what your doing or message people etc. Its too much!??!?! Have people really gotten so bored of their own lives that they feel the need to see what everyone else is doing every moment of the day, every second of the day? I know most of you that are reading this are most likely on Facebook….but if your not pleaseeeeee stay off it and keep all the dignity you have. It is a social suicidal trap being on Facebook, you can’t win but you cannot lose, almost like playing the toy grab games at the arcade, you think your winning and then BAM the claw lets go of the precious toy you have wanted for years and years and drops all your hopes and privacy.
Facebook….will steal your soul and will become the bane of your existance….good luck.


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  1. Definitely believe that which you said. Your favorite justification appeared to be on the net the simplest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I certainly get irked while people consider worries that they plainly don’t know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top as well as defined out the whole thing without having side effect , people can take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thanks

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