Feel good feelings….

This post derives from the inspiration of my partner and his blog (Click Here) and I feel the world deserves to know and see how things are in life and the world around us.

So from the age of 18 I was pretty much independent and ready to do my own thing. I moved out of my parent’s house to attend University up north, which is a big change from being in the southern areas of the UK. I had a lot to look forward to, meeting new people, taking in new culture and being the woman I wanted to be without the restrictions and holding of my parents weighing upon my shoulders at every turn and twist. I remember the day coming up to University, the feeling of shyness as I moved all of my worldly possessions into a small boxed room into what they liked to call “Halls of residence”. Mum balling her eyes out when she left me in town to let me explore the world and become a fully-fledged adult and pursue my life and dreams.
At first the feeling was amazing, I loved the freedom and having the choice to do what I want and when I want which simplistically came from the little things like being able to get out of bed at 2pm if I wanted, going out with friends when I wanted and eating when I wanted. I survived my first year of University and found that it was not all sunshine and smiles. The course was not idealistically challenging enough for me and I had dreads about going back into my second year, however, I thought I would give it a go and see how I feel about it as people said second year can change everything. Again, how wrong I was, I found it the same boring mundane routine of the previous year and my creative ability was not challenged to its full potential. On the contrary, of having a bad month at university I did not know that my life was about to change for the better and for my own happiness.

September 2010 was the month that has now shaped the rest of my life as an adult. This would be the month that I met my partner. It may sound crazy and “teenage” like but there was that instant connection with him, I didn’t feel awkward around him, he was so easy to talk to. We chilled at his for the night chatting about everything and anything, the whole time in my head I’m hoping that he feels the same as I did. It wasn’t nerve wrecking and when I left to go home to the house I lived in at University I felt an overwhelming urge of upset to leave him…I really didn’t want to. However, I managed to leave and go back to my house which questions were asked by my housemates and I didn’t want to give anything away because I was nervous about he was going to react to it all and if he really liked me. So I kept shtum and just took it pretty easy. That’s when the “Feel good feeling” came into place. Things developed over time and from October 4th we made it official…..and are still happy together now…11 months later.

I’m still amazed at little things he does off guard and he still makes me laugh and smile a lot. Knowing i have him is the best thing in the world. It’s that feeling you get when you know you wholly love someone with all your heart and soul and would not trade them for anything in the world. The days where even though they are gone for an hour, you miss them, when they nip to the shop, you miss them. He has always been honest with me from the start and that’s something I really appreciated. He said about his little girl who was just under 18 months old at the time of us meeting and I loved the thought of her. He would tell me lots of things she would do and what she was like. I found it all very interesting and very much wanted to meet her…and she is a wonderful child. I saw how my partner was with her and found he was a brilliant father to her and you could see and still see that he cherishes her and everything she does.

We have been together now for near on 11 months and I could not be happier. My world has completely changed, I love being there for my family. That is what we are a family, the three of us. They are both the apples of my eye and I would not have it any other way. I smile everyday thinking about how lucky I am that I have him and that I love him as much as I do. Feel good feelings happen for me every day, from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep. He is the main reason that I am such a happy and better person. I still have my dreams to become what I want to become but it feels better to have those dreams because I have someone to share them with and he supports me in what I want to do as do I him. It’s the most incredible feeling knowing that you have a family who loves you and appreciates what you do for them. It makes me feel valued and worth something. OK before I moved out of my parents they loved me and still do but it’s not the same feeling as when you have your own family there day by day to care for.

The events that happen day to day within our family life are the things that make me feel good. Each day is different but I can see how much we all love each other and have a good time when we are together as a family as well as me and my partner spending time just together. We have a foundation for our relationship, which is the thing I value more than anything in this world. Ok, I may not be the same person I was a year ago, but I am better, with better values of life and a better knowledgeable understanding. I love everything about my life. I could not be happier.

What makes you happy and feel good??




2 responses to “Feel good feelings….

  1. What a lovely story.. wish you all the best… it’s great reading something and seeing the happiness and contentment you are feeling..

    hope your relationship grows and grows 🙂

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