What inspires you?

<h3>As i will be posting a lot of photograhical works upon my blog i wanted to share with you who inspires me as a photographer and what i like about the photographer.</h3>

David Bailey: 1959 he became a photographic assistant to John French and then a year later landed a contract with British Vogue photographing high end fashion subject matters. Along with working for Vogue Bailey undertook a lot of freelance work on the side.
He was also a hand in capturing the beauty of fashion in the 1960’s…”swinging London” and by doing this was able to socialise with celebrities, models etc instantly elevating him to celebrity status.
As well as fashion photography Bailey directed serveral  Tv commercials and documentaries.
Bailey inspires me because he has a natural knack for making simplistic photographs look very neat and perfect, no editing involved and such simple characteristics.

Mario Testino: Testino started his career from a young age and as he has progressed and gotten older in age and experience his photographic works have grown. From Vogue, V, Gucci, Burberry and Vanity Fair he has also photographed subjects such as Madonna, Kate Moss and Princess Diana.
He has worked a long side many a great subject and done a considerable amount of charity work to help out those in need, sharing his skill and experience in the photographic world.
Testino is my main influence due to his different compositional values and diversity across his photographic works. He is not a traditional photograher and likes to push the limits with how he shoots things. From the clothes and poses to the background and props.

Man Ray: His photographic works have been claimed to have a major influence in the Dada and surrealist movements of art. He was an avante-garde photographer who made abstract and fantastic pieces of work through his medium of film. He also worked on fashion and portrait photography, as well as sculpture, painting and collage over the years he was an artist.  Most of his alternative work became conceptual artwork by Man Ray that some people found inspiring.
Man Ray has some very nice abstract work that i can keep analysing for days and get different opinions from it each time. He has a good eye for the odd and unknown, almost making the audience uncomfortable, however, some of his fashion works are very inspiring and very beautiful.

Dorothea Lange: An early portrait and documentary photographer, Lange was best known for her works during the great depression in 1935-1939. She photographed using film and worked for the Farming Security Administration.  She worked for the society documenting the poor working conditions and living allowance in the rural parts of America during the depression, which was the publicized to the world.  Her photographic works are iconic in text books and minds around the world, she really captured the sadness and emotion that people were feeling at the time where all people could do was sit and wait for the government to pull them out of such a decline of economy.
Lange is one of my inspirations purely on emotional value. Her photograhs create such a powerful emotion when you look at them and feel for the people in the photgraph. You can almost feel like you are there as that person being photographed. She takes my breath away with her work.

Bert Stern: Stern is best known for his “the complete last sitting of Marylin Monroe”, which was a collection taken for Vogue, over a three day period. The collection included 2,500 photographs of the actress and had ones that she had personally crossed out on the negatives and ones she liked etc.
He also worked on photographing stills for the film “Lolita” photographing Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, Drew Barrymore, Audrey Hepburn and Linsday Lohan.
I love Serns work of Miss Monroe, she is a gorgeous female and was very well known when she hit celebrity status. The works Stern created really show the more natural side to her, the one people do not normally see which is a contrast to the actress who was made for the big screen. I also like the way he let her go through the photograhs when he had completed the negatives.


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