Vintage Cars

Personally i….

LOVE vintage cars.

I love how they look so authentic and have a real history behind them, on the contrary to cars in the modern age. Vintage Cars posess a raw emotion of talent and passion that has gone into building them. I cannot get over how nice they look, despite the spec of them being compared to now a days. I am more about the feel of the cars and how they make you feel as a driver and viewer.

I travelled to the Heratige museum about 2 years ago with my mother to do a project on Vintage Cars for my 6th form exam.The day was great, i was like a small child over excited about looking at shiney preserved moments of history. I saw everything from Morris Minors to the car that broke the speed record, old race cars, lady penelopes car, history on how the cars where made, reading all the placs to get a feel of the car, old insurance, garages and repairs parts for the cars. It was completely mind blowing. If you love cars and get the chance i reccommend going.

I want to share these photographs with the world. I hope you like them as much as i enjoyed the day out.


Ford TriumphMini 2

Austen Mini

Ford Model T

Austen SevenFord Cortina


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