Windows, Linux or MAC?

This blog post came to mind this morning after having many a trouble with compatibilty on Linux Mint 11 OS (operating system) running windows components. I’m a big online gamer and i found it very difficult with the spec on my laptop to get Linux to work properly running games on windows WINE. Graphics card was my main problem as it is intel and anyone whos used intel with WINE knows its terrible. Before i put linux on my computer i had Windows 7 installed all brand new and shiney thought it was good but i preffered the Linux apperance to windows. However, having the basic Linux apperance did not appeal to me at the time and my partner found that i could use the MAC apperance on linux using terminal to install it. Which i did and i completely loved it. I am a big fan of MAC and the look of it as i used it in 6th form a lot before all the software was compatibly made for windows, so i really wanted a Macbook or Mac monitor.Now due to my brilliant partner i have Windows XP on my laptop, yes okay you may have a shocked look upon your faces because XP is extremely old now compared to Vista and 7, but it is the most reliably compatible OS system that Microsoft have brought out. I have installed most of the online games i play and they work perfectly fine, now i have downlaoded my extra drivers that i needed….which makes me a happy gamer.

I still want a Mac monitor as they are wickedly fast and the spec on them looks fantastic…but do i really want to pay nearly $2000 for a computer? Ok it holds up to 16GB of RAM memory and has a 2 TB hardrive (if you customise it which then costs more money) but the basics of the 27inch monitor are still good with 4GB RAM and a 1TB hardrive which is 4 times what i have on my laptop at the moment. The look of them is also very professional. The software is not a problem on the Mac because you can now get freeware and other things that can make it compatible, plus most software that used to be for Mac computers only is now for windows as well…so with this in mind is it really worth the money you are paying?

I have been doing some research to see if i could find something that would come close to the new Mac All-in-One computer and the one i have found is high spec but has some faults compared to the Mac. The windows Sony is slightly slower but has a multi-touch screen which is new.  check out the link to the Viao here:

I guess you have to make up your own mind about whether you prefer Mac OS or Windows OS. Personally im all for Windows but customised with the Mac Docky option.

What are your opinions?



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