What makes you feel….


I came up with this idea this morning when i decided i wanted to look nice for my partner when we went out shopping. So i did my hair nice, make up and put on a tank top and tights with my knee high boots. I felt really sexy and confident. OK, i got a few stares from other people when we were shopping but i didnt care because i knew that he thought i looked nice and appreciated it. Yes my partner tells me im beautiful all the time whether im dolled up or im in pjs which is always nice to hear.
So the thing that makes me feel sexy and confident is a nice outfit and my partners appreciation.
i want to get peoples opinion. This is a positive post and can really make people feel good about themselves. I personally think everyone holds the ability to be confident and sexy no matter who they are or what they are wearing. Remember you are all beautiful 🙂




2 responses to “What makes you feel….

  1. Hmm. Well, not a lot makes me feel sexy. But what makes me feel confident, honestly…. and I know it sounds as cheesey as hell, but I can only answer with the truth….. is my work. When I go in early, feeling like crap, and get those moments where someone’s smiling because of the care I’ve given them. Knowing what is the right and wrong way to work with vulnerable adults, and feeling confident in my opinion that I’m doing a good job. Caring for people who don’t have anywhere else to go.

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