The World Around Us…..

I think the world around us we take for granted.
Something i have been thinking more due to the riots that have (hopefully) just finished here in the UK. I wanted to post up some photographs that i have taken of the natural world around us. I hopefully can get into the town center near where i live and take some city shots and put them up here to document things.
I love nature and the things it offers us which is why im writing this post. Plus it is a very nice day out today here in England and me and my family have taken advantage of that by heading out to the shops taking a little walk around. Nature is something so beautiful and the weather really accentuates it, even when its raining.

Here are my photographs šŸ™‚


One response to “The World Around Us…..

  1. Hey it’s Vickie, I know I’m not your most liked person right now but I just wanted to say anyway that this post is amazing. More people, in my opinion, should start thinking this way, and stop taking for granted what a beautiful world we really have. Over and out x

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