New Start…

I am currently undertaking a photography project on the subject of flowers. Ok, most people think “pretty” and “typical” when they think of someone photographing this subject matter. However, i want to put a twist on the subject and have the life and death of a plant, mainly to make it seem more humane and to test my skills with photography. I have only done a few shots with this at the moment due to the weather….typical British weather that cannot make up it’s mind….

The shots i have taken most recently are ones from my front garden at home. There is a beautiful rose plant in the front just starting to bloom full pink flowers and it looks stunning. When i captured the first photographs there was only one flower, now there are 4 or 5 so i will be out with camera this week capturing them as a group.

My aim of the project is to practice my photographic skills, and to portray the true emotional beauty that a flower holds. To show people that they seem almost human when looking at them in a specific light. I will be taking different angled shots, using a digital medium with minimal/no editing used.

This is the one i feel is best from my test shots i did last week……what do you think??

Captured 5th August 2011

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