Hello Kitty Fans…readthis.

♣Hello Kitty Exhibition♣

Yes girls…hello kitty is what i shall be blogging about…..
I love the design and how girly it is and just reminds all girls that no matter how old you can still be a child at heart. I am completely blown away and now want to go and visit Tokyo for their huge passion for Hello Kitty and fashion (see prev blogs). now with their style and how they present things 😀 it would be an amazing trip that hopefully i can take with my partner and get some great photos too as i want to broaden my photographic skills. Ideally with all the photography i want to go into Fashion photography anyways and capture some of these beautiful things that people throw at the world which may not get recognised.
I have some little affinity.
Through my very busy mornings i like to take time to have a cup of tea and browse whats going on in the fashion world of Tokyo. This week i found a very inspiring and gorgeous exhibition of hello kitty that i want to share with all you lovers out there!

Swarovski had created “The house of Hello Kitty”
Appart from being a girls dreamland…it was a very good cause. The exhibition was to help the Earthquake reliefe. The nine creations that were made for the exhibition were put to auction at the end of the day and the money raised went to the Earthquake charity.
Swarovski had created just 9 pieces to go onto auction on the 29th June 2011. The pieces ranged in size and expence. A small 30cm HK doll figurine made from 19,636 crystals was worth $14,500, a huge 1.2 million yen. From the small to the oversized was shown in the House of Hello Kitty over the day.

I think having an event that benifits charity is very much worth it. It feels really good knowing that people are being helped at the same time as people are enjoying materpieces of modern art. It very much helps people feel good about art and how they are causing people to get good things from something that is making them feel good.

Click the link below to see a preview video to advertise. It is very interesting and made in a great way. Please post your opinions and comments 😀



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